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Saturday 1 August 2009


Eating, an act done by all kinds of beings in order to give nourishments to the body to keep on living. An act which to me is known as 'Mam-mam'. Some people eat to live while some live to eat. Either way, it's a well established fact that food is something that no one can live without.

Getting ready for my favourite activity!!

In my case, 'Mam-mam' is an activity I look forward to every single day. If I were to answer questions about myself, 'mam-mam' will be the answer to 'what's my favourite pastime' question. I hear mothers telling Mommy how their children have trouble eating and I wonder why. Since Mommy introduced me to solids, I can't remember anything in particular that I didn't like. I opened my mouth to any kinds of food Mommy fed and I will go to anyone while their eating and see if I can get a taste of their food.

My 1st taste of solid food, 3 months old!

Enjoying the solid taste of porridge specially made by Mommy - 6 months old

Yeaaayyyy, pancakes & mash potatoes, another one of my favourites!!

But don't get me wrong. Although I eat everything, of course, there are favourites. Food that I love most and the ones I like less. Carbo-wise, I eat anything from bread, rice to pasta and noodles but between all those, I'd prefer pasta and noodles. I also favour sweets less and that's why Mommy seldom gave me cookies, cakes and muffins. My favourite fruits so far, are strawberries and watermelons. Although Mommy prefer cherries to strawberries, I have yet to try cherries. Maybe someday I'll try them and see which ones I like most. Apart from that, there are no vegetables that I dislike and I eat fish, beef and chicken.

My 1st taste of strawberry... Tangy!

Hmmmm, Big Fish & Chips!! Loving it...!

So, there will be no problem in eating when taking me out as I can just about eat anything and anywhere and taking me to food buffets would be just lovely. I'll try and make it worth every penny spent.

And no doubt about it, there are countless numbers of photos of me doing just my thing - 'Mam-mam'.
Check it out below

Thursday 9 April 2009

My New Shoes

Before going to bed around midnight last night, Mommy and Dadda came smiling and hugged and kissed me a few times and said, "Happy Birthday Darling! Mommy and Dadda's little angel has turned 1!" I didn't quite understand what they were saying and why they were suddenly happy in the middle of the night or maybe I was too sleepy to even think of it, I just went straight to bed.

I'm ONE already, Mommy?

What's this with all the No 1 finger, Dadda?

This morning, Mommy woke me up earlier than usual. Dadda has already showered and while I was still yawning and my eyes were still half closed, he carried me downstairs. Oh yes, we slept over at Tok Abah's because I heard that Dadda had wanted to send his car for service. Anyway, Tok Abah was already downstairs, getting ready to go to work. Tok Mama is still in London. Tok Abah took me in his arms and kissed my forehead and also muttered the words, 'Happy Birthday'. By then, I was fully awake but had no mood to do anything at all. I just wanted to go back to sleep!

A while later, Mommy came down to bathe me and when I was ready, I waved goodbye to Tok Abah when he left to work. Dadda took me to the computer and there I saw Tok Mama's face on the screen! I thought it was only a photo but somehow the photo talked to me! I didn't know what to think so I just stared at the screen without muttering a single word!

It's still too early.. I miss my sleep..

So anyway, we eventually went out when everyone was ready. We had breakfast at McDonald's after we sent Dadda's car for service after which we headed to Pantai Medical Centre to see my doctor, Dr. Azam for my 1 year jab.

Breakfast @ McD... I can do the No 1 with my finger now..

Reading in the car on the way to Pantai Medical Centre, where I was born!

I met a few friends there. Dr. Azam seemed like a nice guy but he poked my thigh with a tiny sharp little thingy and I got angry! Well, it didn't really hurt me and I didn't cry but I was quite annoyed that I had to be forced to lie down while listening to this stranger talk about me!

How much do I weigh now? 9 kg!

Is this my 1 year birthday gift Mommy, a JAB??!!

After my visit to Dr. Azam's, we went to Papa's house in PJ because Dadda had to attend the Friday prayers. I rested for a while and played with Abang Aimar while waiting for Dadda and Papa to come back. After we all had our lunch together, I went out again with Mommy and Dadda. This time we went to a shopping mall to buy me a new pair of shoes! Woohoo!

That's my Dr Azam in the background. He's quite the joker!

This is what I've been telling you guys about in my previous post, remember? Anyway, I fell asleep when we reached the shoe shop so Mommy and Dadda chose the shoes for me. It's almost like Cinderella's glass slippers (except that it's not made of glass but clear rubber..) and the best part is... there are lights when I walk! This way I won't be lost in a crowd and Mommy and Dadda could always find me. Anyway, we continued shopping a wee bit longer and then headed straight back to Subang.

That night, we had a small celebration at Tok Abah's with Mak Lel (she joined us during our shopping spree..), Wandak, Wan Kie, Mama Lyana, Papa Adam, Tok Mama (with Aunty Alia, Uncle Ashraf, Aunty Intan and Kak Aqilah through the computer, again..). I opened up a few presents from them, hehe...

My 1st birthday cake in Subang!

Opening some gifts from Tok Abah, Tok Mama, Wan Kie, Wan Ndak.
I'm wearing Mommy's old dress sewn by Wan Ndak!

Apparently, there'll be another wee celebration with the PJ family, again, tomorrow.
Can't wait... will update on that, soon...

Thursday 1 January 2009

A trip to remember @ SummerSet part 2

Hi again!

Ok, today is the 1st January 2009 and that means it's New Year!!
So, I'm here to wish all readers of my blog a very happy and prosperous 2009!

Now, let's get back to my family trip story....
(some pictures are still pending from Uncle Zul's camera!)

The morning after, while everyone elsewhere were probably queueing up at shopping complexes for Boxing Day Sale, we played our games. There were 6 games altogether. The 1st game played were Ayah De's and Che' De's game. There were 3 teams playing and Mommy and Dadda weren't in the same team so you can imagine them bantering each other!

Team RED ready to rumble!!

Next we played Tia's game which was a Treasure Hunt. Mommy and Dadda didn't win this game because they couldn't find 2 items on the list; plus, they got tricked by Kak Miza, hehehe... We then moved on to the Trio's (Ayah Ngah, Che'Ah and Cu Na) game. Mommy got blindfolded and Dadda had to guide her to walk towards him by calling out a secret name. They won this game, obviously, knowing how loud my Dadda's voice is!

For lunch, we drove to Kuala Rompin to find a good place to eat. It was a very sunny day and all the stalls didn't look condusive for babies like me and Kak Sara so we finally decided to just go to KFC. Hahaha!! Imagine going all the way to Kuala Rompin from Kuala Lumpur and ended up at KFC! Anyway, it turned out to be a good meal and very comfortable for everyone.

Check me out with Dadda's glasses!

At around 5pm, we began to play the last 3 games and had started off with Papa and Mama's game. Everyone had to throw a ball at a frisbee which contained 10 plastic balls. Both Mommy and Dadda didn't hit the frisbee at all, hahaha!!!

I could hit all the balls better than Dadda & Mommy!

After that game, they proceeded to play Aunty Alma's game. Each team had to creatively write the word Summerset on the sand. Mommy and Dadda won that game too.

Can you believe this design made them won Auntie Alma's game??

Finally, we headed to the pool to play the last game by Mommy and Dadda. Ayah Ngah and Tia won that game which they had to push a balloon each by nose or forehead to the other side of the pool and come back swimming using only half of their body.

Pool time everybody! Ayah Ngah's very impressed with my swimming skills!

Later that night, we had dinner and prize presentation in Papa and Mama's room. We stayed to play a few more indoor games for fun and then retired around midnight.

All the prizes that we won as a family!

We had a short and late breakfast the next morning because Dadda wanted to rest a bit before driving back to KL. After breakfast, Mommy and Dadda took me for a walk on the beach for the last time. Oh, did I mention that I first set foot on the beach sand the day we played the games? I don't think I quite like the sand but the sea... oh yes, I loved the sea! Mommy held my hands while we stood near the water and when the waves broke and the water came to my feet I was excited. I wanted to sit on the sand while the water move towards me but Mommy thought it was dangerous to let me do that by myself.

Mommy, please bring me to the ocean!

Anyway, on the way back we stopped by at the Rest & Relax near Gambang to have lunch.

At the rest area with Che' Nah, PJ family official caretaker for a long time!

After a while driving, Mommy and Dadda heard a sound from under the car and pulled aside. Alas, it was a burst tyre so Dadda called Ayah Ngah, Uncle Farlie and Ayah De and they stopped to help. There were some complications during the tyre change that it took them around 2 hours to complete everything with the help of some highway patrol men.

Thank God, we're all OK!

Poor Dadda, out in the rain changing our flat tyres!

We arrived in Subang at around 7.45pm. Mommy gave me my bath and got me ready as quickly as possible. I was to join Tok Abah and Tok Mama in attending Kak Alyssa's birthday party in Bukit Chedang, Seremban. Mommy and Dadda, on the other hand didn't follow us because Dadda was so, so tired and moody.

Originally, while I joined Tok Abah and Tok Mama at Kak Alyssa's birthday barbecue party, they were supposed to attend a wedding in KL. But due to unforeseen circumstances (like the burst tyre), they couldn't make it. They just went to have dinner with the PJ family and came back to watch TV.

Wasn't I tired I hear you ask? Yes, quite. But it was Kak Alyssa's 1st birthday and I know I was expected to be there by lots of people. They are always eager to see me and everybody wants to carry me around although they know I wouldn't want to be held by anyone except Tok Mama and Tok Abah. And yet they still try...

When we reached Seremban I was so tired and I had put up a sulky face for everyone. Only after Tok Mama fed me with some mashed potato that I became a bit cheerful and wanted to smile to people. Even Kak Alyssa was tired and had a short nap before being woken up to cut cake. She too didn't really have a smile on her face. If Kak Alyssa is reading, I just want to tell her that you don't have to feel guilty for being moody that night. We're babies! We're allowed to do that and we're expected to too.

We finally arrived back in Subang close to midnight and I slept like a log! I'm sure Mommy and Dadda too slept very soundly that night.

Well, that was how I spent my Christmas holidays. Very well packed with activities! Can't wait to see all the photos from everybody's camera...


Have a great New Year weekend everybody!

Monday 15 December 2008

A weekend filled with activities!

Hi everybody!

I don't really have much to say today, actually. Just thought I'd share a few photos and just update you on what I've been doing for these past few days...

Well, on Friday night I went to a wedding with Mommy and Dadda. They know both the bride and groom. It wasn't my first wedding so it's really nothing new to me. As usual, we sat and ate, Mommy brought along my porridge so I didn't have to just sit and look at the adults eat and drool..

Anyway, the usual happenings of a wedding went on as expected and after Mommy and Dadda finished off their meal we took some photos with the bride and groom and some other friends of theirs. We had to go off earlier than the rest of the guests, though because I, ehem... ehem... did a 'big business' while Mommy and Dadda were eating.

So, to avoid further injuries on other guests' noses, Mommy and Dadda decided to take off early.
I'm really, really sorry but I just couldn't hold it any longer... I didn't put on my apologetic look though, because I knew Mommy and Dadda would understand.

On Saturday, Mommy, Dadda and I went for lights and ceiling fans shopping for our new apartment. While they were busy choosing all the things needed, I had a quick nap in my buggy. We then headed straight to our apartment to drop off the things we bought and while doing that, dropped by at Aunty Alma and Uncle Farlie's apartment 2 blocks away from ours. They were there cleaning up their apartment. After a couple of hours there, we headed straight to Teapot Cafe in SS2 for a late lunch.

You see, Dadda has been craving for its cheese cake for days!
I had potato salad and Mommy had a couple of scones. (she had to help finish off my potaoes, hehe...) That night, as usual, we had 'tadabur' and right after, gathered together for a meeting about our holiday trip to Sommerset, Endau-Rompin (which I'm REALLY looking forward to!) on Christmas Day. Mama said each family has to come up with a game for us to play there and Mommy came up with a few interesting games that will be discussed and decided together with Dadda.

On Sunday, we woke up early because we had a breakfast date with Dadda's college mates from Warwick at Mcdonald's near Ikano Power Centre. Mommy and Dadda had Big Breakfast each while I had some hotcakes. Later that afternoon I came back with Mommy and joined Mak Lel and Aunty Huda at Ikea.

At around 8.30 that night, we went to the airport with Tok Abah and Pak Su Ami to send off Tok Mama. Tok Mama went to Japan for a research trip. (how nice!) She'll be back on Saturday, 20th.
Oh yes, at the airport we took some photos too...

So, today's Monday and usually Monday is swimming day but unfortunately it's the rainy season now so I'm crossing my fingers hoping that it's not going to rain tonight! I'll update you on my activities again, once I have something interesting to tell. Until then, take care everyone and have fun no matter what you do or where you are!


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