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Monday 5 November 2012

Everyone left us for Mekah and Perth so we went to...

So, since everyone's away, Mommy and Dadda decided to take Idzhar and I for a short holiday trip to Johor. Yippee!

On 18th of October, Dadda drove us all the way to Johor Bahru. We arrived at the hotel at around 3pm. Mommy was ecstatic because our room number was her birthdate. She said that it was a good sign and that we were definitely going to have a great time there!

That, we did...

Around 5pm, Aunty Inn who was already staying at the same hotel as she had a meeting there, called us down to join them for tea. We thought of going for a swim but it was raining earlier that day and the pool was outside so the water was quite chilled. Mommy didn't want us to catch a cold as we planned to go to Legoland the next day so she decided against it and let us take a long hot bath in the tub in our room instead. We were quite disappointed but Idzhar and I had fun in the tub nevertheless.

That night, Dadda drove us out for dinner at a restaurant we always go everytime we're in JB, Restoran ZZ Sup Tulang, next to the Yayasan Warisan building. Mommy, as usual, had her favourite Mee Rebus Tulang.

The next day, off we went to Legoland, the place I've been looking forward to the whole week! We left after breakfast and headed straight there. I think even Idzhar was excited! 

Legoland was huge! We didn't know where to start so we all followed Dadda. I went on cars, airplanes, trains, treasure hunting and everything else I could. It rained a few times but that didn't stop us from walking around the park and getting on every possible rides we could. Mommy and Dadda had to take turns going on the roller-coaster as both Idzhar and I are too young for that. Thankfully, we went on a weekday so the queues weren't too long.

Yep, that's me with my ladybug umbrella :)

Some crew members from RTM Angkasapuri, KL shot videos of me at the car and filling in petrol but we forgot to ask them when it's going to be aired :(

Trying my skills at driving

Everything's made of Lego. Very impressive!

About to fly off with Mommy :)

Farewell Dadda and Idzhar!

Idzhar fighting for Legos

The baby changing room

We met up with Dadda's friend who's working there, Uncle Faren

Lunch at Legoland

Dadda and I at the Lego-made Taj Mahal

Yes, we're still in Legoland and those are made of Legos :)

How cool is this?

Do you know who this is?

Yep, that's Mommy in the first car!

Dadda's really tired at the end of the day while Idzhar just stared at him.

Before we left finally at around 5pm, we stopped by at the gift shops to look for some souvenirs. Once we got into the car I fell asleep almost immediately. I didn't realise that I was that tired! I dozed off once Dadda drove out of the parking lot, hehe...

That night, we visited another friend of Dadda's, Uncle Muz and his family at their home somewhere near Legoland. We had dinner there. Aunty Shikin had prepared Chicken Rice and a traditional kuih but I'm not entirely sure what the name of the kuih was. We also had fruits dipped in the rojak kind of sauce. They were all yummy!

Dadda and Idzhar with Uncle Muz

That night though, we didn't go back to the hotel but we slept over at Tok Abah's best friend's house, Tok Naim or more affectionately known as Tok Uban. His is a huge house and all his kids and their family stay with him and his wife in that house.

The next day, after we've had breakfast and played a while with Tok Uban's grandchildren, we left to go back to KL. On the way though, Mommy wanted to do a bit of shopping so we stopped by at the Johor Premium Outlet where you can buy branded or designer brands items at a much discounted price. 

Idzhar made a new friend :)

At JPO's Coffee Bean

On the way back from JPO, we stopped by at Aunty Muazzah's house about 10 minutes drive from JPO. Aunty Muazzah is Dadda's cousin. 

Looks like Idzhar made quite a number of friends in this trip :)

We stopped by at Rembau to visit Nek Wan and pick Bibik up before heading straight back to KL. 

The journey was quite exhausting but very fun indeed. I'm looking forward to more trips with Mommy and Dadda soon!

Till next time.

Thursday 1 November 2012

Recent Activities

Let me update you on what I've been doing for the past few weeks.

On the 23rd September, the whole family took part in a charity walk for breast cancer organised by Aunty Alma's company, Avon Malaysia. We try, as best as we can to support charity events for cancer, especially breast cancer after we lost our dearest Tok Mae not so long ago to the evil disease. Read about it here or here.

We woke up really early that morning and travelled all the way to Putrajaya where the walk took place. Everyone including little Idzhar (although he still couldn't walk at that time) and bibik joined the walk.


It was quite a fun event except for the fact that I had to wake up really early :p

Then, Tok Abah, Tok Mama, her sisters and their spouses were scheduled to perform their Hajj this year so on the 17th October, on Idzhar's birthday, they left for Mekah. They didn't all get on the same flights, though. Some left earlier and some later. 

On top of that, Pak Su had to also fly off to Perth, Australia to work for a few months so we sent him off too, with everyone else who's left in Malaysia.

Mommy said, "we've sent off practically everyone and have been to the airport several times in a month. Maybe one day they will send us off at the airport to go for a trip out of the country!" Hehe... in my heart, I'm wishing for that too. The last time I took a flight away from the country was in 2010 when we went to UK to visit Uncle Keith and all 'our Scottish families', Aunty Shaly and Natasha, and also attended Aunty Rachel and Uncle Steve's wedding reception in Scotland. You can read about that here.

Coming soon - Where did Dadda and Mommy decide to take us while everyone's away? 

See you real soon! :)

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