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Monday 15 December 2008

A weekend filled with activities!

Hi everybody!

I don't really have much to say today, actually. Just thought I'd share a few photos and just update you on what I've been doing for these past few days...

Well, on Friday night I went to a wedding with Mommy and Dadda. They know both the bride and groom. It wasn't my first wedding so it's really nothing new to me. As usual, we sat and ate, Mommy brought along my porridge so I didn't have to just sit and look at the adults eat and drool..

Anyway, the usual happenings of a wedding went on as expected and after Mommy and Dadda finished off their meal we took some photos with the bride and groom and some other friends of theirs. We had to go off earlier than the rest of the guests, though because I, ehem... ehem... did a 'big business' while Mommy and Dadda were eating.

So, to avoid further injuries on other guests' noses, Mommy and Dadda decided to take off early.
I'm really, really sorry but I just couldn't hold it any longer... I didn't put on my apologetic look though, because I knew Mommy and Dadda would understand.

On Saturday, Mommy, Dadda and I went for lights and ceiling fans shopping for our new apartment. While they were busy choosing all the things needed, I had a quick nap in my buggy. We then headed straight to our apartment to drop off the things we bought and while doing that, dropped by at Aunty Alma and Uncle Farlie's apartment 2 blocks away from ours. They were there cleaning up their apartment. After a couple of hours there, we headed straight to Teapot Cafe in SS2 for a late lunch.

You see, Dadda has been craving for its cheese cake for days!
I had potato salad and Mommy had a couple of scones. (she had to help finish off my potaoes, hehe...) That night, as usual, we had 'tadabur' and right after, gathered together for a meeting about our holiday trip to Sommerset, Endau-Rompin (which I'm REALLY looking forward to!) on Christmas Day. Mama said each family has to come up with a game for us to play there and Mommy came up with a few interesting games that will be discussed and decided together with Dadda.

On Sunday, we woke up early because we had a breakfast date with Dadda's college mates from Warwick at Mcdonald's near Ikano Power Centre. Mommy and Dadda had Big Breakfast each while I had some hotcakes. Later that afternoon I came back with Mommy and joined Mak Lel and Aunty Huda at Ikea.

At around 8.30 that night, we went to the airport with Tok Abah and Pak Su Ami to send off Tok Mama. Tok Mama went to Japan for a research trip. (how nice!) She'll be back on Saturday, 20th.
Oh yes, at the airport we took some photos too...

So, today's Monday and usually Monday is swimming day but unfortunately it's the rainy season now so I'm crossing my fingers hoping that it's not going to rain tonight! I'll update you on my activities again, once I have something interesting to tell. Until then, take care everyone and have fun no matter what you do or where you are!


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