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Saturday 25 February 2012

Colourful CNY at i-City

This year, Chinese New Year fell on a Monday so we had a long weekend to celebrate it. School was off for 4 days. Mommy and Dadda decided to take me to i-City in Shah Alam, just about 20 minutes drive from where we're staying. I-City is famous for its colourful lights.

So on Sunday night, after Maghrib prayers, we got ready. We left Idzhar with Bibik though because Mommy decided that it would be too tiring for him to follow us around and he wouldn't have enjoyed it. Pak Su Ami tagged along to help Mommy look after me. We left the house at around 8pm to meet Adida, Tok Daddy, Aunty Sheila and her kids there. There was quite a bad traffic jam going into i-City.

After braving the traffic, we finally got a parking space and went straight to look for Adida and the rest. Our first stop was the Snow House. We brought our own jackets but Adida and her family had to queue up and rent jackets. Inside, Dadda, Pak Su, Adida, Kak Ira and Abang Amir went on the sled while we watched and took pictures of them.

Mommy wanted to go but I didn't want her to. I wanted her to just stay with me as I was too cold and only wanted to be with her. So, we waited and watched them slide one by one. Dadda went twice because Mommy didn't get his picture the first time. We then took some more pictures before going out.

Outside i-City

Jam going into i-City

Just arrived. Pak Su and I.

On the way to the snow house. Stopped to take some photos.

Snow house, ready to go in.

One with everyone.

Dadda getting excited.

With Dadda.

With Mommy.

Pak Su sliding down.

There goes Dadda.

This is us with the snowman.

Once we're out, we went our separate ways (Adida and her family left straight away because they were tired as they were out the whole day). We walked over to the theme park to go on some of the rides but all the nice ones had really, really long queues. We wanted to go on the huge Ferris Wheel but decided against it when we saw how long we had to wait in line so we moved on to other rides. We finally decided to go on the carousel.

Pak Su, Mommy and I went while Dadda waited for us. I loved the carousel. It's now my favourite ride. Mommy and Pak Su then went on another ride that had lots of swings. They looked like they had fun too! I didn't go because i didn't make the height benchmark to go on that ride. Maybe when I'm a bit older and taller I'll go.

Deciding where to go.

Pak Su on his horse on the carousel.

Mommy and I shared a horse because Mommy was afraid I'd fall.

Here we go!

Pak Su 'buat perangai'.

Mommy and Pak Su on the swing ride.

After the rides, we decided to call it a day because Mommy taught we had already left Idzhar long enough by then.

On the way back, Dadda stopped by at McDonalds because I was complaining of hunger, hehehe...

My 'healthy' late night supper. Mommy said once in a while is okay ;)

We had a really good time and are planning to go again for all the good rides we missed!
Maybe next time we'll see you there!

Thursday 20 January 2011

The Ram and the Rat are in me..

I was born on the 10th of April so that makes me an Aries, just like both my grandmas.
This is what I found on Aries babies on the internet:
Get ready for the ride of your life this little soul is a powerhouse of energy and talents. Active is the keyword, and fearless too, so remove tall objects once climbing is mastered or attach a bungee cord for safety's sake. Innate confidence and natural leadership abilities can lead to success in a myriad of fields. Discipline is needed, but not so firm that it breaks her spirit.

And here's another one: The Rambo of the play group has arrived! 

With an Aries baby around, you can expect lots of action and activity in your midst. Don't expect this tot to sit still with a rattle -- it just won't happen. The Aries baby is one who makes a lot of noise and will definitely be heard. There's really no choice! 

As a Fire sign, the little Ram will be dynamic and always up to something. Will this be a tough baby to deal with? More than likely. To that end, parents would be wise to show this child how to work with other babies early on. Things such as sharing won't come naturally, they must be learned. Even where siblings are concerned, the Aries child won't be a walk in the park.

What the Aries baby may want most of all, however, is attention, so parents be well advised. In a play setting, the Aries tot will easily get the attention of others on their own. This baby will also start many things early, the better to get to the finish line, so to speak, in a hurry. 

To sum up, the Arian baby can be quite independent but enjoys interacting with others. This baby is a fairly physical child and craves constant stimulation. They will be ready from day one!

According to Mommy, I'm everything like the description above, although the fearless part is not really showing at the moment. Ok, ok... I might be quite a challenge sometimes but isn't that supposed to be good? It shows, that I have a strong head on my shoulders, right?

'Strong Head'

Anyway, Arians are born anytime between March 19th to April 20th (more or less) and the symbol for Aries is The Ram.

However, the year I was born, 2008, was the year of the Rat, according to Chinese horoscope. Apparently, I am an Earth Rat, although I'm not entirely sure on how you determine that.

So according to the Chinese horoscope I love to be loved and cuddled. Rat babies tend to depend tremendously on their parents, but later in life they develop natural leadership qualities. During their baby years, Rats mature slowly, but gain momentum as they become toddlers. Eventually, they begin to exhibit active mentalities, so, in the early years, plenty of sleep is necessary (no wonder!).

In school, the young Rats are eager to learn. It is then, too, that Rats begin collecting things, and like to fill their bedrooms with pebbles, shells and keepsakes of every kind (oh my, Mommy's gonna have a headache!). Generally, young Rats are smart little people who are artistic and literary students.

Showing off my artistic abilities..

They are well-rounded and many of them do well in sports, too. Being born in the first sign of the Chinese horoscope motivates these children to be pioneers and gives them a need to be first in line.
<a href="">LinkedTube</a>
My sporting ability recently @ the Family Trip! :)

So, I don't know how Rams and Rats are supposed to connect and neither do I know whether I'm more of a Ram, a Rat or both equally (or if that is even possible?). Last year, it was the year of the Tiger, Tok Abah's year.

This year, when Chinese New Year comes, it's going to be the year of the Rabbit - Tok Mama's year!

It's a long way to go to another year of the Rat.

Whatever it is, I guess I am a perfect example of a RamRat!

Make sure you read this too!

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