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Friday, 12 December 2008

my first eid experience

Welcome everybody!!

I just turned 8 months yesterday. So far, I'm already able to pull myself up to stand. I've yet to stand on my own without holding onto something but I'm sure I'll be able to do that soon..!

Anyway, I'd like to share with you my first Eid experience. My first Aidilftri started as early as 8am at Tok Abah's in Subang Jaya. Mommy woke me up and gave me my first Aidilftri shower while the rest of the household (Dadda, Tok Abah, Tok Mama and Pak Su Ami) went for the Aidilfitri prayers at the mosque. 

I wore my first 'baju kurung' on that day. Mommy searched hi and lo for it and finally found one that fitted me perfectly. After everyone came back from the prayers, we had breakfast together. 

The night before, we went back to Tok Mama's hometown in Rembau and took some 'lemangs' home. We had those and some cookies for breakfast that morning. Of course I didn't get to eat all that as I was only 6 months' old. After breakfast we did our 'bersalam and bermaafan' after which we gathered to take our first family Aidilfitri photos. Then, all of us headed for Papa and Mama's house in Kampung Tunku, Petaling Jaya.

When we arrived in Kg Tunku, everybody was already waiting. Papa, Mama, Ayah Ngah Acat, Aunty Alma, Cu Na, Che'ah and Abg Aimar looked really good in their 'baju raya'. There, everybody had Nasi Dagang. Later that evening, I went back to Tok Mama's hometown in Rembau with Dadda, Mommy, Tok Abah, Tok Mama and Pak Su Ami.

In Rembau, there were MORE relatives waiting! Atuk, Mak Wan and the rest of the whole big family of Tok Mama were there! The next day, I travelled to Muar, to Aunty Huda's house together with Tok Uda and his family. There, they had Nasi Briyani, as usual.
We finally came back to KL on the 3rd day of Eid. However, Mommy was on leave until the week after so I got to spend more time with her at home, although we attended LOTS of open-houses every single weekend for the whole month of Syawal! Phew!

All in all, my 1st Eid experience was a blast! I got to wear a new dress for each open house we went to, haha! Oh yes, I had more new clothes than anyone in my family. 

Tok Abah and Tok Mama bought a few and Mommy and Dadda also bought a few. Not to forget, Aunty Min also bought me a new pair of shoes from London. Thank you Aunty Min!
So, now I've shared my 1st Eid experience with all of you. 

I'll be back soon for more news and updates. Do visit every once in a while, eh?

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Spacewalker said...

this is such a cute blog :-)

masha'allah cute kid

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