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Thursday, 11 December 2008

my first blog post

Hi there!

Welcome to FULL of LIFE and HOPE .com, my 1st online blog. I've been wanting to have my own blog since I was born, but both my Dadda and Mommy were very, very busy that they only let me have my own blog only when I reached 8 months old..

So, now here I am, 8 months and 2 days old today on the 12.12.08! Wooohoooo.. I finally got my own blog.. So, a lil bit about me;

My name's Aryanna Nadyne. I was born a healthy, happy baby on the dawn of
Thursday, 10th of April 2008 at 5.52pm [Malaysian time], which makes me an Aries baby. I'm the same sign as both my grandmas, Tok Mama & IndeMa.. :)

On my 1st day, I weighed 3.03kg with a measured height of 48.3cm. Well, I'm sooo much heavier and taller now!

My eyes were dark brown and my hair was black!

From mobile-nadyne
this is me 1st day..

From 8 month
and this is me today with my mommy!

There's soo much more that I would like to share here, but I'm already a bit sleepy, so I will write some more soon.

Thank you for reading...

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Anonymous said...

ХРЮ!!! ;-P


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