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Wednesday 31 December 2008

A trip to remember @ SummerSet part 1

Hi there,

How's everyone's Christmas/Awal Muharram break? Did you guys have fun? Well, I sure did and here, I will share all about it..
(Warning: it's a long post!)

I just got back from a Family Trip with Mommy, Dadda and Dadda's family (otherwise known as the PJ or Kg Tunku Family).

I'm all excited to go for our family trip!

On Christmas Day, we drove to Rompin, Pahang, to a resort hotel called Summerset. It was a nice and cosy, colonial-looking hotel by the beach. It took us about 4 to 5 hours to reach there by car. We started at around 11-ish in the morning and arrived in Rompin at around 4pm (plus a few stops at the Rest & Relax).

Mommy fixing me into my new MaxiCosi carseat courtesy of Uncle Nuor

There were 5 cars travelling together; our car which consisted of Myself, Mommy and Dadda, Papa and Mama's with Bibik Tatik and Kak Minah, Ayah Ngah's with Cu Na and Che Ah, Uncle Farlie's with Aunty Alma and Abg Aimar and last but not least, Ayahde's with Che' De and Kak Nadhrah. Tia, Uncle Mohsin, Abg Ikie, Kak Miza, Abg Faiez, Kak Sara and their Bibik joined us there.

Sooo cosy that I slept all through the journey!

Are we there yet Mommy?!

Upon reaching, we had to straight away get ready for a photo shoot session, courtesy of Aunty Alma. Everybody had to wear white so I changed into a white cotton dress which Mommy bought specially. When we were ready we hurried off to Mama's and Papa's room which was on the same floor but further to the front. We took quite a number of photos in the room and after that we went straight to the beach and continued taking photos.

Look at me all dressed up in white? Cute or what!!?

You see, although I didn't drive and slept almost all the way there (I had started using the car seat Uncle Nuar bought a couple of months ago and it was SO comfy!) I still felt a bit tired after taking photos in the room. I also began to feel sleepy again. So, I had put up a bit of a tantrum after the beach photo-taking session. Needless to say, photos of me are mostly, unfortunately with my grumpy face on!

The many expressions of us as a family.. The middle one is my favourite! :)

Some beach photos of us! Higher Dadda, Higher!!

After hours of photo shootings, we finally went out for dinner (I was already asleep by then) at a nearby stall.

All those photo takings took its toll on me!

That night the adults did solat jemaah and recited the Yassin in Papa and Mama's room. After that, we discussed about the games that were to be held the next day, after breakfast. We just talked and didn't really have any activities for we were all still tired from the journey.

Next up : Games! Games! Games!

Stay tuned..

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