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Sunday 1 March 2015

Idzhar's 3rd Birthday Bash

Wow! I've written this waaay earlier but I forgot to actually post it so here's one extra late posting about my little brother's birthday last October.

Idzhar turned 3 recently and we celebrated it at Tok Abah's house. After months of asking and receiving a different answer every time, he finally decided on a theme for his party - Olaf In The Summer!

Since Idzhar's birthday is at the end of the year and during the monsoon season, it's quite tricky to organise a summer themed party when it rains heavily every single day. Mommy was quite nervous organising his party this time remembering how Idzhar's party turned up to be like last year when it rained almost all day and left very little time for the kids to play at the bouncy castle outside. So this year, Tok Babah decided to have tents covering the whole outdoor area including where the bouncy castle was. We were not taking any chances in case the rain decided to pour non-stop this time.

Like all the parties before this, mine or Idzhar's, mommy started her planning much earlier from choosing the party packs,

the personalised stuff to be filled into the bags,

the balloons,

the bouncy castle,

and last but definitely not least, the Olaf cake!

Dadda handled the ordering-of-the-food part and he ordered good western food from his friend who's a chef. Tok Babah also contributed to a delicious roast lamb and colourful salad.

I was so excited to celebrate Idzhar's birthday. Both Idzhar and I dressed up according to the theme on that day. Mommy told the rest to dress in either white and blue or yellow for the Olaf in The Summer effect.

Most of our relatives and friends came and some of my friends and Idzhar's friends came too. My friends even showed up in costumes! I invited a few of my friends and even gave them a map to show them how to get to Tok Abah's house. 

We even got to make our own pizza organised by dadda's friend, the chef!

And then it was time to cut cake!

I hope everyone had fun that day. There were so much fun and laughter. It was so good to get to catch up with friends and family. It was raining that morning when we woke up all the way till 2ish in the afternoon. Miraculously, almost exactly at 3pm when the party was scheduled to start, the rain stopped and the sun decided to show itself. It didn't rain for the rest of the day and the party was a blast!

At the end of the day we were all so tired. Birthday boy was tired and excited at the same time. I'm glad that he was happy and enjoyed himself. 

It was indeed an exhausting but fruitful and fun day! 

Saturday 18 April 2009

My 1st Birthday BASH!

I remember waking up that morning quite late, around 10ish. I heard water running in the bathroom, it must be Dadda having a shower. Mommy carried me out of the room to feed me breakfast and outside, watching TV, were Aunty Huda and Mak Lel. They stayed over the night before to help Mommy with the preparations for that day, my BIG day...

The big banner courtesy of Auntie Uma!

Yes, that was the day of my birthday party! Mommy, Mak Lel and Pak Su prepared the party packs the night before and I was thrilled. After breakfast Mommy showered me and after that I sat and watch TV while everyone was busy getting ready to prepare for the party. Mommy and Mak Lel went out to get my cake while I stayed home with Dadda and Aunty Huda to decorate the room where the party was to be held.

Mommy had tried to make me sleep for a while around 2pm, before the party started but I was excited and didn't want to. I was so adamant that Mommy finally gave up and wore me my new dress and got ready herself before taking me to the clubhouse. At the clubhouse, people were starting to arrive. Around 4pm, almost everyone had arrived and were eating and chatting away. Everybody I know was there. There were balloons and presents and a big banner that said 'Happy Birthday Nadyne'.

Dadda holding me infront of my big banner!

Look at all the yummy food. Catering contacts thanks to Auntie Alma!

My Little Einsteins Special Birthday cake. Thank you Mommy!

Unfortunately, by the time everyone had arrived and it was time to cut cake, I was already feeling tired and really, really sleepy. Now I know why Mommy had desperately wanted me to sleep before the party. If only I listened to Mommy, I probably wouldn't be as tired! As a result, all photos taken on that day were with my gloomy face on.

Yes, I'm excited inside, but sleepy on the outside..

Anyway, we did blow the candle and cut the special cake Mommy bought for me. It was in the shape of my favourite cartoon, 'Little Einsteins'. The cake tasted nice too! All the kids who came to my party received a party pack each. Cousin Nadhrah was not there, though, because she was in Sabah with Ayah De and Che De. So, we kept a couple of party packs to give it to her when we see her the week after.

Happy birthday to ME!

Time to blow the No 1 candle!

With my beloved Mommy & Dadda + the Cake..

After eating my birthday cake, everyone got ready to go down to the pool to have a swim. Mommy, Mak Lel, Aunty Huda and Pak Su stayed back to help pack the food and things to be brought back to our house. Dadda took me back first to get myself ready for the swim. Everyone enjoyed themselves at the pool. Some didn't even want to come out, including me!

My guests enjoying a dip in the swimming pool!

Finally, around 7pm I had to come out of the pool because it was getting dark and some guests are still at our house. At home, Mommy showered me and fed me with some milk afterwhich I slept like a log! Imagine how tired I was! Mommy woke me up around 9pm to open up presents. Tok Mama had finally arrived from London and Aunty Min had picked her up from the airport and came straight to our house. Uncle Nuar had also finally arrived.

With Uncle Nuar and our front neighbours...

Mommy put me on her lap and started opening the presents, one by one, telling others who each presents were from. There were quite a number of them and I thank everyone who gave me those nice things.

Gifts opening session. Thank you alll!!!

The special foot bracelet (gelang kaki) Tok Abah & Tok Mama gave me

Another mobile phone, this time it's Elmo!!

We took some photos of me with my presents and after that, said goodbye to everyone. Later that night, after everyone had left, we went out with Pak Su, Aunty Huda, Mak Lel, Pak Long Imal and Aunty Ina. After a long day, we ended it with a nice cup of coffee before retiring to bed.

Me, presents and with my dynamic duo 'Godmothers': Auntie Huda & Mak Lel!

The celebration wasn't over though, we were going bowling the next day and I had fun during bowling too!

So, now you know that I really had a blast and my 1st birthday celebration was unforgettable!
You can click here for the full album link or just enjoy the slideshow below!

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