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Saturday 5 May 2012

On my way to become a Prima Ballerina!

At long last, the day of my ballet concert came.

The name of my concert was Sugar & Spice. It was on the 29th of April and almost everyone was there.

Mommy and Mak Lel took me to the hall at noon as I had to be there early. Dadda, Tok Abah, Tok Mama and everyone else came later.

All set to go :)

The concert started at 2pm and my performance was the 3rd one. After the concert I met with everyone who came to see me. They were Tok Abah and Tok Mama, Paksu and Aunty Kinaz, Umi Put and Uncle Irsyad, Ayah Ngah and Aunty Inn, Mak Lel, Aunty Ina, CuNa, Sarah, Kak Miza, Abang Faiez and of course, Mommy and Dadda. 

I think everyone had a good time (although I doubt they could really see me amongst all my ballerina friends while performing on stage). 

I think Pak Su really enjoyed it. I think he secretly wants to be me too. 

I'm not quite sure he has the talent though...

Saturday 17 March 2012

Aryanna Ballerina' and Idzhar's latest venture

Since the beginning of February Mommy had enrolled myself in a ballet class. I've been asking Mommy for a chance to go for dance classes for the past one year and Mommy kept asking me to wait.

The day came when she finally decided to take me for a trial class in January. She wanted me to try before making up my mind. Turned out that I really enjoyed it so, in February, I began my training to become a ballerina.

It's now been a month since I attend classes and I'll be performing in a concert at the end of April.

Will let you know how the concert goes. Hopefully with some photos or videos too.

Now, I wasn't the only one who had tried something new. Adik did too.

We took him swimming for the first time sometime end of February and since then, it's been a weekly activity for us and Idzhar. Well, Mondays have always been our swimming day all the while but Idzhar has just started joining us and he absolutely loves it!


Let's see if he picks up swimming as quickly as I did.

Make sure you read this too!

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