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Friday 6 January 2023


Hello everyone !

Wow, I still cannot believe that it is already 2023! 2022 was....something. A lot happened. 

Because of COVID-19, I still had to attend school as a form 1 in January 2022. We were separated into two groups and had to take turns so that the school wouldn't be crowded since we still had to maintain social distancing. We had our end-term assessment that month. Then we had a full month's holiday in February before we entered form 2. 

Before going back to school, we #FAFAMILY had a family day way back in December 2021. It was a rainy season at that time so we had to do the games at Mama's house in PJ. Then in February 2022, we went to The Sticks Guide at Frasers Hill, Selangor.

In April, we finally start a new semester. At the same time, we hit Ramadhan month so we had to fast while going to school. We still had to maintain social distancing so the tables were separated one by one (like how it would be if you have exams). 

I also celebrated my 14th birthday!!! We had a small celebration at our house after we buka puasa

For Raya in 2022, we had a little surprise. Raya came early this year! It was supposed to be on the 3rd of March but it came one day early HAHAHA. My family and I, we were in a mall when they announced the news. When we got the news, we were so shocked. It was hectic. Everyone was panicking about clothes, foods, the traffic jam, everything. I looked at WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter and it was HILARIOUS seeing everyone talking about it HAHAHAGAH. Even though it was all over the place, we managed to celebrate Raya nicely and smoothly. We went from PJ to Seremban on the 1st day Raya. Then on the 2nd day, we went to Muar to visit Adida and her family. Then we went jalan-jalan around Melaka for a few days. We also went to Langkawi to visit Dadda's friend from Glasgow, Aunty Ida. 

After a few days celebrating with family and close friends, it was time to go back to school. My school did a Raya celebration too! It was so fun. Unfortunately it was raining a little but we still had fun. We took pictures, played games, give out duit raya and ate.....A LOT. Every Raya, we definitely ate a lot of food from open houses and even celebrations at home. Even though we still had to deal with Covid while celebrating, Raya will always be a celebration where we really connect with people and have fun. It will always be a memorable celebration every year. 

at home 1st Eid morning

At Muar 2nd Eid

4th Eid at Melaka

In August, I had my sports day. I entered the parade for my team, a long-distance event and 2 field events. I had sooo much fun. It felt good to be back at the stadium filled with noises of cheers, claps and more. The last time I experienced that was in standard 3. After that, I kept missing all sports days at primary school. I miss all those sports day memories. 

I am in the red team (we called it Mars) and we won 2nd overall. I find it a little funny that I have been in the red team since kindergarten! I was red all the way. From CIC to SKBJ to Govan High in Glasgow and now in SMKBJ. Ah, the memories. 

After August, we got a bit busy. Idzhar and I were busy with school, Aysha started going to CIC like me before and Dadda got a new job. We also had a lot of school holidays since it was almost the end of 2022. 

In December, we had 3 weeks of school holiday. We mostly stayed at home since I had to prepare for my end-term exam. But on the last week of December, we went to Amverton Club and Resort to celebrate the new year. We went with the #BibAniCrew and also Adida's family from Muar. We had so much fun. We went to the waterpark and also the survival park. We also had a family dinner on new year's eve and watch the fireworks countdown to welcome 2023.

What a year. I learnt a lot of life lessons and face a lot of challenges. It was a roller-coaster ride. I hope that 2023 will be better than 2022. Time to face new challenges, learn new lessons and open a new chapter in my life. 

That's all for now. I hope everyone had a great 2022 and, InsyaAllah, we will have a great 2023 too. Here's to a new year in our life. It's a little late but happy new year everyone !!

gossip girl, hehe <3  


Thursday 15 December 2022

Floating dandelions

Hello everyone~

So sorry for the delay posting. Been a little bit busy with this year since August. 

This year, especially the ending had thought me a lot about life lessons. I have to admit, this year was HARD. Despite Covid, school was tough. But, I made it through the year!

In August, I had my first sports day since entering high school and it was SO chaotic. I had the best time of my life. I joined the "perbarisan" for my sports team which is Mars (red). Then, I got chosen to represent my team in 1500m—not gonna lie, it was hard—and I also joined the high jump and disc throwing. And sadly, I didn't win in any of those sports events 😭😭. But it's okay because my team got 2ND PLACE OVERALL !!! We were so happy. It might not be 1st place but we did our best. 

Though I had to admit, I was really sad about not winning those sports events. I was sad because I didn't get the extra points for my team. I almost gave up. But, everyone kept reminding me that it was okay and that I can try again next year. And maybe they're right. Maybe I can try again next year, who knows? I've learned that I can't blame myself for this 'cause it's not my fault and I have tried my best but it's just not the time for me to win yet.

In September, I had my mid-term assessment. It was hard, especially in math. Math will always be my weakness in school tests. We only had around an hour or two for the math paper. Out of all the sections in the paper, section C ― the troubleshooting section ― was the hardest section for me. It's where they give you long sentences and you have to solve the questions and it needs to have the "jalan kerja". I left out a lot of section C questions which made my results bad. I cried so badly when I found out. That feeling when you have worked so hard for something and it didn't work out the way you thought it will. Since I need a lot of help in math, Mommy send me to math tuition so that I can learn the tricks and shortcuts. Trust me, it's not easy. But, you just have to try. And I did. Now, I know some shortcuts for the section C questions and I am hoping I can do better for my end-term assessment next year. I guess I learned that I can't give up quickly. I need to try again or search for other ways to keep on moving. 

November was THE HARDEST month of this year. Since it was almost the end of the year, we had tons of projects and research that we had to do. We had a science scrapbook project, history and geography case studies, an English presentation and more. It was hectic. For my class, I am the class monitor's assistant and having that title, I always help my classmates with school work. Sometimes I go a bit too far overdo the helping until I forgot to have some time for myself. For example, this year we had to do a case study about transportation problems in our neighbourhood for geography. While doing mine, I helped my friends with their case studies too. But, I kinda helped a little too much until there was one night I sleep only for some hours. I sometimes forgot to drink a lot of water and these days it will be really hot. Then I had minor dizziness and I felt like I had to throw up and I also feel like fainting. I immediately drank a lot of water when I realised. This wasn't the 1st time. It happened a while back during my sports practice. It was the same reaction, the same dizziness, the same feeling.

After that incident, I feel extra tired the weeks after. I had to finish my work extra early because I had to rest a lot and I still had other work that needed to be done. Alhamdulillah, after all the hard work, I got a full 100% for the geography case study. For me, it was worth it because I put in a lot of work and energy. Along the way, a lot of bad things happened. Everything was all over the place. I had no motivation to continue, I had no one to turn to. I felt tired. But I realised, I have to focus on myself first before focusing on others. I realised that to get what I want, I have to stay healthy and have a stable mindset. Working harder may turn out great but I still have to work smart. I learned that I can't put too much pressure on myself, and I can't get negative thoughts and negative words in my head. And that's what I did. I shut out all the negativity around me and focus on myself and stay positive. Other than that, I prayed a lot to Allah to help me and to get my feelings and thoughts out. It turned out great. I turned out stronger. 

Now, it's already December and 2023 is coming. Time flies so fast these days. For 2023, I am hoping that it will be better than this year. I'm hoping that I get to be stronger than this year. After everything I went through, I know how to be better. I have to start focusing on myself, I have to not put pressure on myself, take care of myself and just enjoy life and go with the flow. It's time for me to have some time for myself. I may not be okay all the time, but I trust that this is all Allah's plan for me. I need to have patience. I need to always pray to Allah and trust in Allah. He is the best planner. We have around 2 more weeks till 2023 so let's hope and pray that these 2 weeks will be a nice ending for 2022.

Talk to you later ! 💐✨️

mwah <3

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