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Wednesday 11 March 2015

Our Umrah Journey - The Most Awaited Trip of 2014.

On the 17th of December 2014 I went for the most memorable trip of my life so far. The four of us performed the Umrah together with Tok Abah, Tok Mama and Wan Kie. The trip was Tok Abah's treat for myself, Idzhar and mommy since it was our first time there. Dadda had been there once before when he performed his Hajj with Ayah Ngah and Mama back in 2006.

I was so excited to get to see the Kaabah in Mekah for the very first time. The feeling was indescribable. We performed our prayers and Umrah at Masjidil Haram most of the time and we also went to visit some of the historical sites around Mekah. On our last morning in Mekah, we got to spend some time with Wan Dak and Wan Teh. They had just arrived in Mekah that morning as their trip started in Madinah then Mekah while we came straight to Mekah and then moved on to Madinah.

Family photo in front of Kaabah.

In front of Masjidil Haram. There was construction happening inside and outside of the mosque.

 The morning we arrived. Stopped on the way to Haram to perform our Subuh prayer.

 At the hotel before our first Umrah.

With Tok Abah and Tok Mama, in our ihram, ready to perform our first Umrah together.

 The first time I saw the Kaabah.

 Taking a rest in the middle of our Sa'ie.

 After completing our first Umrah (Umrah wajib).

 Friday prayer in Masjidil Haram.

 Met Dadda's friend who's working there. Made new friends with his kids.

 Ready to perform our 2nd Umrah.

In front of the Safwa tower outside Masjidil Haram.

Miqat at Tana'eem.

 Historical sites visit.

 Managed to spend our last morning with Wan Dak and Wan Teh who just arrived in Mekah that morning from Madinah with Tok Teh and Tok Gee. 

In front of our hotel in Mekah, The Mobarak Plaza hotel. 

 Last photo session in Mekah before we performed our Tawaf Wida'.

One last family photo in front of Kaabah before we bid farewell. Sob.

After spending about 6 days in Mekah, we went to Madinah. Once there, we visited the Nabawi mosque and it was breathtakingly beautiful! We spent about 3 and a half days in Madinah visiting all the historical sites. Dadda managed to go into Raudhah, where the prophet Muhammad's tomb is and took some photos for us to see. I left Madinah with a heavy heart and pray that I could go back to Mekah and Madinah someday, InsyaAllah.

Once we arrived and checked into our hotel, we went straight to Nabawi mosque.

Giving salam to Rasulullah.

Our first historical site visit, Quba mosque, the oldest mosque in the world. I recited the Quran while waiting for mommy, Tok Mama and Wan Kie to perform their solat sunat.

Outside the Quba mosque waiting for everyone else.

Madinah was quite cool. The temperature on the night we arrived was 18 degrees Celsius.

Dates farm. Fresh dates are surprisingly refreshing and delicious!

The Holy Quran printing complex. Unfortunately, only the guys were allowed in.

Men queuing up to go into the complex.

Qiblatain mosque. The mosque where Rasulullah received the command to change the direction of prayer from Jerusalem to Mekah.

Jabal Uhud, where battle of Uhud took place.

Panoramic view of Jabal Uhud.

Everyday, we walked from the hotel to the Nabawi mosque to perform our prayers (solahs).

Everyday around mid-morning, these shades will open so people can perform their prayers anywhere in the vicinity of the mosque comfortably. They close before Maghrib prayers start.

Inside the Nabawi Mosque.

Coincidentally, a few of our relatives performed their Umrah around the same time we did ours. We met Tok De Kob and family in Madinah.

We also managed to catch Aunty Dilla and her family before they departed for Mekah the morning after we arrived.

Friday prayer at the Nabawi Mosque.

With Tok Mama and Wan Kie after our Friday prayer.

Inside Nabawi Mosque.

With Tok Abah.

Under the green dome inside Raudhah in the mosque is where the body of prophet Muhammad lies.

 Prophet Muhammad's tomb inside Raudhah taken by Dadda.

 Inside Raudhah taken by Dadda

  Inside Raudhah taken by Dadda

 Inside Raudhah taken by Dadda

Shopping time.

On the way to the Madinah airport, going back home. Farewell Madinah... till we meet again.

At the Madinah airport waiting to board our flight.

Our flight to and fro, Qatar Airways.

Transit at Doha airport.

My new jubah, souvenir from Madinah.

Till my next post peeps! :)

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