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Friday 4 October 2019


Hi there!

This September, there were a lot of activities that I've done with my family. We went sightseeing because Mama, Cuna, Uncle Aie and Safiyyah came to Scotland to visit Nadhrah and her family at Dundee before they fly back to Malaysia for good so after they visited them, they all (including Nadhrah and her family) came to visit us in Glasgow.

Falkirk wheels

On the 21st of September, we went to Falkirk to see the Falkirk Wheel and also The Kelpies, the 2 statues of horses' heads. At the Falkirk Wheel, there were lots of activities you can do there. There was also a huge playground and you know us, the kids, we went straight to the playground when we arrived. There was a tall and huge slide a the playground. We want to ride that slide when we arrived but unfortunely, we had to take care of Safiyyah and Mawar. I don't mind taking care of Safiyyah because I've done a lot of babysitting with my little cousins. Back in Malaysia, I helped Cuna and Che Ah take care of Safiyyah and Eizaz so I don't really mind if mommy or my aunties ask me to take care of those little ones.

Ok ok, back to the story. So we played with Safiyyah and Mawar. Nadhrah was really frustrated that she didn't get to play at the slide and then Dadda said that we can go to the slide and he will take care of Safiyyah and Mawar. We were so excited that we got to go on the highest slide there! Safiyyah wanted to follow me to the slide so I asked Cuna if Safiyyah could follow me on the slide. Cuna allowed so I brought Safiyyah to the slide. There were 2 slides there. 1 is smaller than the other one. I brought Safiyyah to the smaller one first and she liked it so I took her to the bigger one next. I was surprised that Safiyyah was really brave. She climbed to the top and she wanted to go again after sliding down! I was really happy that I could have fun with her and at the same time she could have fun with me.

Safiyyah on the small slide

After we've done playing, we went to eat at the cafe near by. We had pizza. It was not halal there, so we ordered plain ones without meat. We ordered 2 kinds of pizzas, the margarita and the other one with  mushrooms. Beside the cafe, there was one more activity that the kids could enjoy. It's called 'Bungee Trampoline' where the kids will put on a bungee trampoline harness hooked on several bungee ropes. Those ropes were attached to some poles or bars reaching an average of 15 feet above the trampoline. As the kids jumped higher and higher the ropes moved up the poles allowing the kids to jump even higher and allowing them to do some tricks like flips and other cool tricks. We wanted to try it but it was kind of expensive if we were to convert to Malaysian money (Ringgit Malaysia).

Lunch - Pizzas!

After we're done eating, we went to The Kelpies where there were 2 statues of horses' heads. We were thinking of walking to that place but it would have taken us 1 hour and 30 minutes (4 miles) for us to get there. So instead of walking we decided to drive there. Once we arrived, we had ice cream! We took pictures, played tag and more. After a long day at Falkirk and Kelpies, we went to Cuna's Air BnB. It was so beautiful and spacious. We had early dinner there and we, the kids, played hide and seek because the place was so big!

Bikes for rent

The Kelpies

The Kelpies gift shop

Dinner at Cuna's air bnb

The next day, it was our turn (my family) to take them jalan-jalan Glasgow! Early morning that day, we showered as fast as we can because Cuna and the others wanted to come to our house first before going jalan-jalan. They drove to our area so they wanted to leave the car at our house. Ayahde didn't join because Mawar had a fever but Nadhrah wanted to join so Cuna went to pick up Nadhrah at Uncle Kolget's (Ayahde's friend) house, where they were staying while in Glasgow and it was near to Cuna's house. They hung out at our place until zohor before we went out.

Walk from our flat

Kelvingrove Park

After all of us have performed our zohor prayers,  we went to The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum and also The Kelvin Hall Museum. After that, we went to Sauchie Hall Street to have an early dinner. We didn't have lunch cause we were trying to cover Glasgow as much as we could. We had dinner at Wagah Grill House with Aunty Natasha (Dadda's friend) and also Uncle Aaron (our lanlord) and his family. Ayahde, Chede and Mawar also joined us for dinner so it was a full house! After everyone has done eating, it was time to go home.

Kelvingrove Museum

Kelvin Hall

Entrance for University of Glasgow

River Kelvin

George Square

Strathclyde University - where Dadda is doing his master's now

Wagah Grill House where we had dinner with everyone including uncle Aaron and his family.

That's it for now peeps! Until my next post.

Ciao :)

Saturday 28 September 2019


Hi there!

So, I have been writing about my journey to Scotland on the previous post. Now, I'm going to tell you about my visit to Dundee.

We went to Dundee to visit my cousin Nadhrah and her family who is going to fly back to Malaysia at the end of September. Nadhrah and her family went to Dundee because last year, Ayahde (her father) had received the Chevening Scholarship too but he attended the University of St Andrews and they stayed in Dundee. I was so excited to meet my cousin, Nadhrah. Unfortunely, Nadhrah was at school when we arrived at her home but luckily, when Ayahde came home from the mosque,he asked me if I'd like to follow him to pick up Nadhrah from her school and I said yes! I was so excited to finally meet Nadhrah after a very long time.

In front of Ayahde's house in Dundee.

When we arrived at Nadhrah's school, she was actually waiting under a tree. She was waiting for Ayahde to come. She was also waiting for her friend to come out from school. When she saw Ayahde from far she was curious because she thought there was a strange kid who was walking with her father. She couldn't recognise me so we walked until she could see us clearly. When she saw me, she was so excited that she ran towards me and hugged me. I hugged her back and she said that she hasn't seen me in ages and I laughed.

Picked up Nadhrah from school

After we arrived at her house, we chat in her room. After we had lunch and everyone was ready, we went out to explore Dundee. Che De didn't follow us because she was heavily pregnant and wanted to rest.

Time to explore Dundee!

We went to V&A Dundee. That place was full of art. We also went to the Overgate Mall to eat at a restaurant called Chopstix Noodle Bar but unfortunely, that restaurant was closed so we went somewhere else outside the shopping mall. Before we went out of the shopping mall, we stopped by a candy shop. The candy shop had a wide variety of candies. It smelled so good! Nadhrah asked Ayahde if we could buy some candy to share and Ayahde said yes so we bought a  box of candy called 'Mike and Ike'. They tasted so good. We tried one piece each so we won't spoil our appetite because we are going to eat remember? So we went to finally eat at Fatburger near the mall.

 At the V&A

V&A building by River Tay

 Dundee city centre

 Fatburger, Dundee

Dinner at Fatburger

The next day, we went to St. Andrews to play golf at the British Golf Museum. It was fun and a little bit windy so it was cold. After that, we ate at the cafe at the museum. The cafe's nachos were so good! We ate the whole thing even the cheese that stuck at the bottom of the bowl. After that, we went to the St. Andrews castle near the beach. We took pictures, play with the rocks and we even played hide and seek. After that, we went to an ice cream shop called Jannettas Gelateria. That place had a wide variety of ice cream flavours. There was even a Ferrero Rocher ice cream flavour. I ate the Oreo cream flavoured ice cream. It tasted really good. After a long day at St. Andrews, we went to Sizzlers for dinner, near the Dundee Central mosque.

 Played golf at St Andrews, the Home of Golf.


 Golf Museum cafe where the Nachos were delicious!

 Jannetta's Gelateria, an award winning ice cream shop in St Andrews


 St Andrews castle

 St Andrews Cathedral

My family

Nadhrah and I

The next day, we went to Dundee Law at the top of the hill to see the nice view of Dundee. From the top, we could see the whole of Dundee! It was freezing up there but still, it was beautiful. After that, we went to the Dundee Museum of Transportation. At the museum, we played the treasure hunt game that was provided for kids who visit. It was fun! We managed to get all the answers and we received a candy for each of us as a gift from the kakak at the counter. We also won things from a claw machine game that was placed next to the counter. The machine was full of little eggs surprise container (just the container). We had to use the claw to pick up the little eggs. It was all by luck. You either get more than 1 or just 1. We tried but we only got 1 but still we got a present. It was fun!

 Dundee Law

 Museum of Transport

After that, we went to a castle. I can't remember what the castle's name was. In front of the castle, there was a playground. At the playground, there were lots of cool playing equipments, there was also a water play spot thingy (I don't know what it's called). We went there and Idzhar got all wet so we played somewhere else at the playground. At the playground, there was also a go-kart track, a mini golf course for kids and also a sandbox where you can play with sand and all the tractors or the equipment that you need at a working area. After we played at the playground, we went into the castle. Inside the castle, there was also activities for the kids on the 3rd level.

 Broughty Castle, Dundee

Inside Broughty Castle

After that, we went to eat at an indian restaurant called Taza. The restaurant was a buffet kind of restaurant. It also had a chocolate fountain! I was so excited when I saw the chocolate fountain. We ate a lot at that place! They even had churros, candies, ice creams and more.

Taza restaurant, Dundee - Indian buffet restaurant

After that, it's time to go home.... my family and I had to go back to Glasgow.

That's all for now readers. I hope you like today's story. Till my next post peeps.

Adios! :)


Friday 27 September 2019


Hi there!

            It's me Nadyne. Mommy has been writing my posts for me all these years but now we've decided that I should take over from mommy because I'm 11 years old! Ok ok, now i'm going to tell you about my journey to Scotland.

I went to Scotland because Dadda received the Chevening Scholarship for this year. I was so excited when I heard the news! At the same time, I was kinda sad to leave my friends and family. I know I can still communicate with them through Instagram and all the other social medias and I also know that I can still meet them next year but still, I really miss them!

Dadda received the Chevening scholarship

My friends from 5 Seraya

So now, I'm going to tell you about my journey to Scotland. On the 8th of September, we went to the KL International Airport to board the plane to Glasgow. We went to Glasgow by the Emirates airline. Dadda will be doing his Masters degree at Strathclyde University in Glasgow. I was really excited on the plane. I also felt like this was a dream but is not! We arrived at the Glasgow International Airport at 7:30 pm. By then, I was so tired because it was 2.30am in Malaysia and we would already be fast asleep. The next day, on the 9th of September, we went to High Street to walk around the city and explore. We went to Primark, Tesco, gift shops and more. It was fun and the sun was out so the wind was extra cold. The next day, we did the same thing but this time, it was just me, Mommy, Idzhar and Aysha while Dadda went house-hunting. The next day, we did the same thing all over again. Hahaha!!! Well, I'm pretty sure that this week we would be doing the same thing over and over again.

 Kasram family

 Subang family

PJ Family

So, I think that's it for now. Till my next post peeps. I will update some more stories of my time in Scotland.

 At Dubai airport on transit to Glasgow

 Glasgow, we're here!

 1st morning in Glasgow

 Outside our temporary apartment

Walking to Dadda's university


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