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Tuesday 16 December 2008

my newbie blogging headaches

Hi again,

I'm just a baby blogger, so when something happens like, if the writings are haywired or the template is not properly showing as it should be, I get headaches and will transfer that headache to my Dadda to figure it out. So, my poor Dadda will spend his free time trying to help me get this blog up and running again..

figuring out this blogging stuff over a bottle of milk @ coffebean..

That's the disadvantages of technology.. Sometimes, it helps you, sometimes it will let you down.

Dadda!!! HELP ME! I'm tired... The screen's gone blank!

Well, I'm still learning and I'm only just 8 months 'young', so there's still a long way to go for me to challenge the likes of my cousin, kak nadhrah who so far has won numerous prizes just by blogging...

I'm hoping to learn some tricks or two from her during our family trip to SummerSet next week. Can't wait! Wooohoooo!!

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