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Monday 24 February 2020


Hi there.

Let's continue from my last post, shall we? Are you ready?

Day 4-It's Christmas!

This morning when we woke up, we looked outside and it was snowing! Yay, we got a white Christmas! Anyway, on this Christmas day, we weren't planning to go anywhere but to stuff our stomach at Aunty P's house. Hahaha!!! After we've freshen up, we went straight to Aunty P's house. When we arrived, the table was all set, music was on and everyone was ready. We had turkey! It was yummy! We ate a lot because it was a late lunch mixed with an early dinner. After the main course, Ailis made some homemade trifle. It was really good! We had a lot of it! After dinner, we danced and sang and played games. It was a very lovely evening. It was the best Christmas experience I've had in my whole life! When we got tired, we went back to get some sleep for the next day.

  View from our balcony on Christmas morning.

 We exchanged gifts as soon as we arrived at Aunty P's.

 Aysha and Floki

Getting the food ready for our lunch. 

 Aunty P preparing the turkey.

 Turkey, carrots, crispy baked potatoes

French dessert

 Pear and chocolate ice cream with crusts at the bottom.

 English trifle

Day 5 - Boxing Day

The morning after Christmas, it was my turn to feel sick. Hahaha!!! Unfortunately, I caught Idzhar's winter stomach bug on the day we decided to go skiing! Arggghhh!!!! I was very disappointed. However, when Idzhar had it, he was brave enough to go sledging. So now, it was my turn to be brave.

Anyway, back to the story. After we were done with breakfast, we went straight to Aunty P's house. Oscar and Millie joined us for skiing too but they took the bus up to La Clusaz because we couldn't all fit into Aunty P's car and they were kind enough to let us go by car.

When we reached the ski area, it was so busy. We decided to go and try the cross-country skiing. It was so fun! We planned to do four rounds, twice through the beginners trail and twice through the medium trail, but I only did once through the beginners trail and once through the medium trail because I was too tired and to dizzy to ski four times so when they went on for the second time through the beginners trail, I sat at a nearby bench with Aunty P and when they continued for the medium trail, I joined them. But still, it was a fun experience for us. Oh, you guys must be wondering why I sat with Aunty P when I was tired. Aunty P did not join us because she offered to take care of Aysha while we were skiing. Mommy felt bad that Aunty P could not join us but Aunty P reassured her that she could go skiing anytime and she didn't mind staying with Aysha. She also took some pictures of us skiing.

After we're done skiing, we went back to prepare for dinner. We had a crepe party for dinner that night! We made both savoury and sweet crepes. After dinner, we did what we always did before that, played games and danced. When we finally went back to our apartment, we watched some movies before going to bed. Hahaha!!!

 Hot chocolate at Uncle Stef's bar

 Sledging while we waited for Uncle Stef to finish work

 Crepe party

Dessert and coffee for mommy before we left

Day 6.

For day six, we didn't do a lot of activities because it was our second last day so we were concentrating more on packing but we managed to go for a quick sledge! This time, only Aunty P took us because Oscar had gotten the winter stomach bug so he was feeling a bit tired and decided to stay home and rest. Millie wanted to stay with Oscar just to keep him company. When we arrived, Idzhar went out of the car and ran straight to the snow! Hahaha!!! We went up and down the hill a lot of times, it was exhausting!

 On the way to sledge

 Cheese factory

 Idzhar couldn't wait to start sledging

 Up the hill we go

 A snowman Mommy and Aunty P built while waiting for us

 The view from where we sledged

 We posed for some photos before we left

Aysha with Aunty P 

 The five of us💝

After a while, we went back to St. Jean de Sixt. When we arrived, Dadda and Idzhar had an appointment with the hairdresser at 1:00 p.m. While waiting for Dadda and Idzhar, the girls went to Carrefour to buy some ingredients for dinner. Oh, I forgot to tell you what was for dinner. Uncle Stef wanted to try some Malaysian food so Mommy decided to cook chicken rice! I helped Mommy too. Luckily, Mommy's chicken rice was a huge success! Hehe... After we were done stuffing our stomach with food (hahaha!!!), we played some games before heading home  to get some sleep.

 Recycle your plastic waste at Carrefour

 Millie, Aysha & I

 Oscar carrying Idzhar

 Ready for our Nasi Ayam dinner

The 'ulam-ulam' for the Nasi Ayam 

 Hope they liked it!

Mommy made some 'cekodok pisang' for dessert too

Day 7.

Huhuhu... our holiday was coming to an end! On our last day, we went to ride the cable car to the top of a mountain in La Clusaz to see the view of Mont Blanc and also, to see the whole of La Clusaz from the top. In case you don't already know, Mont Blanc is the highest mountain in the Alps and it is the highest in Europe west of the Caucasus peaks of Russia and Georgia, according to Wikipedia. It rises 4,808 metres above sea level. It's also called Monte Bianco in Italian or in English, it is known as White Mountain. We left the house early morning so we could have time to enjoy the view. Hehe... Here are some photos.

 We all took the bus to La Clusaz because it was a Saturday 
so a lot of people drove up the mountain to ski.

 At the bus stop waiting for the bus 
to take us from St Jean de Sixt to La Clusaz

  In the cable car on the way up.

 The one in the middle is Mont Blanc

After that, we were feeling a bit hungry (especially Idzhar). We went to a nearby café to get some drinks and eat some snacks. We ordered hot chocolate and had the snacks we brought from home. While we were waiting for the drinks, we played with snow. It was a fun experience for all of us. After a while, we walked back to the cable car station to head home. But we stopped by at Uncle Stef's bar to have another quick snack, hahaha! Before we left, Mommy wanted to buy some souvenirs so Aunty P took her for a quick shopping while her kids, Idzhar and I went ice skating. Aunty P then dropped us off at our house to freshen up before going to her house for dinner. For dinner, we had tuna pasta and a pear gelato and because it was our last day, we went home early to pack.

 We sat at one of the cafes on the mountain 
for some hot chocolate and pastries.

 Ski class for kids

 In the cable car on the way down.

From left: Oscar, Millie, me (half asleep, haha!) & Idzhar.

 Once we came back down, we went to Uncle Stef's restaurant...

 ... and had snack. It was so yummy, we all cleaned up our plate!

 Ice skating while waiting for Mommy & Aunty P shop for souvenirs.

 Last group photo session with our lovely hosts on our last night there.

Our Last Day- Back to Glasgow

Huhuhu!!! It is time to say goodbye to France. We woke up early in the morning so we didn't miss our flight back. Aunty P drove us to the Geneva Airport for us to take our flight back to Glasgow.

Bye Alps, France! Hope to see you again soon! Hehehe..... Here are some photos of us on the road and on the plane.

 On the way down the mountain, to Geneva, Switzerland.

 Aunty P made some quiche for us to eat on the plane. 
It was delicious! Thanks a lot, Aunty P!😘

Even Aysha enjoyed the quiche!

We arrived in Glasgow after noon and took the airport transfer back home. It was truly an enjoyable and unforgettable trip for all of us!

That's all for now folks. Stay tuned for more stories soon!

Au revoir😉

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