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Saturday 4 September 2021


Hey everyone.

        First of all, happy 64th Merdeka day to all Malaysians!!!🥳🥳 I know this year's Merdeka is not so exciting because of the virus but I hope you had a safe and memorable Merdeka. Let me share a story about Merdeka.

Hari Kemerdekaan, also known as independence day, is the official independence day of Federation of Malaya. It commerates the Malayan Declaration of Independence of 31st August 1957. The day is marked by official and unofficial and observances.

The observation of 31st August as Malaysia's national day is the cause of some controversy, due to calls to prioritize the celebration of Hari Malaysia on 16 September instead. Hari Malaysia commemorates the formation of Malaysia in 1963, when the four entities of North Borneo, Sarawak, Singapore and Malaya federated to form Malaysia. There's more history about Malaysia but it's too long. Hehe. I really miss celebrating Merdeka like before. 

It's already September, time is moving and we are still in lockdown. We all really miss going out. Even Aysha!😕 However, we really need to stay safe especially since the Covid-19 cases are getting higher and higher. Anyway, next week, 6th until 10th of September, I have a test in school and I am really nervous. Since we can't go to school, we have to take the test online. Please wish me luck. I will really appreciate it. Well, I think that's all for now. I will surely update more next week. Talk to you guys soon


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