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Monday 1 September 2014

Nek Wan - In Loving Memory

I know in my last post I promised to tell you about what happened during my birthday month but don't worry, that will come soon. This is about my great grandma, Nek Wan.

Nek Wan left us in March, just less than a month before my birthday. She was already suffering from Diabetes and her kidneys were deteriorating. She refused to go through dialysis as she felt that she was too old for it and didn't want to go through the pain and discomfort. At the end, her kidneys failed her.

I managed to spend some time with Nek Wan during her final days as she was staying at Tok Abah's house. She was happy, I think, as she got to spend time with Idzhar and I and Idzhar always made her smile. Idzhar misses her sometimes although he doesn't really understand why Nek Wan is no longer with us now. Sometimes I think he knows that she's not around anymore but is just in denial. That's because a couple of times when we went back to kampung in Rembau after Nek Wan left us, mommy overheard Idzhar talking to himself reassuring himself that Nek Wan is there or is sleeping (he said that when he saw her during the funeral too). 

I'm not sure how much Idzhar remembers her but I do remember her. Mommy has quite a few photos of Nek Wan too so I'll show them to Idzhar from time to time so he won't forget his Nek Wan. 

Anyway, with Nek Wan gone, there goes the last of my great grandparents. Going back to kampung was and never will be the same again after that.

Nek Wan, you'll be dearly missed by all of us. I love you, Nek Wan.


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