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Monday 21 June 2010

My First Trip Overseas... Part III

After spending 4 days in Edinburgh, we finally came back to Uncle Keith's in Cheltenham on Tuesday, 27th April. On the way back from the airport, we stopped by at Tesco to buy some food and stuff to bring back home to Malaysia.

The next morning, Uncle Keith drove us to Abingdon because Dadda had some things to sort out and we also went to visit Dadda's old school there. A couple of students took us for a mini tour around the school compound but unfortunately we weren't allowed to take photos in the school premises.

From Abingdon we went straight to Coventry to visit University of Warwick where Dadda went to study. We bought some souvenirs at the university shop and then headed straight to Aunty Dij's house about 5 minutes drive from the campus. I played with her kids and we had dinner there too. She was expecting us so she had prepared some really delicious food.
Even Uncle Keith had enjoyed the rice with chicken and lamb (or was it mutton?)...
Yum...! Thank you Aunty Dij!
We then drove back to Cheltenham later that evening.

Search for toys r us

The next morning Uncle Keith dropped us at a huge Toys 'R' Us while he rushed off to the office for a while to settle some things. Around noon, he picked us up and drove straight to Aunty Shaly's house in Castle Cary, Somerset. Aunty Shaly too had been expecting us so she had prepared Chicken Rice which we happily ate once we arrived as we were already starving.

After the meal, we went to Stourhead Garden and it was breathtakingly beautiful! Just have a look at the pictures and you'll know what I'm talking about. Sadly, we had to leave later in the evening as we were leaving for home the next day. Mommy and Aunty Shaly promised to see each other as soon as Aunty Shaly comes back for labour or confinement later this year.

On Friday morning, Uncle Keith dropped us off at the bus stop where we took the bus to Heathrow Airport to go back to Malaysia. I was really sad to leave Uncle Keith but was also happy to go back and meet Tok Abah, Tok Mama, Papa and Mama for I had really missed them dearly.
Uncle Keith had really, really helped us a lot while we were there.

Thank you so much, Uncle Keith! Hope to see you again, maybe in Malaysia real soon!
I waved goodbye to Uncle Keith from the bus and after a few hours we reached London.

Our flight was scheduled at 10pm so we had plenty of time to go around London. Mommy and Dadda left our bags at the airport and then we took the underground train to the central of London.

We walked around to look for souvenirs, had lunch at Dadda's favourite kebab store; Taza Kebab, met some of Dadda's friends and finally boarded the plane at around half past 9, but not before Mommy shopped at the duty free shops, hehe...

Mommy had made me change into my pyjamas before boarding so I could go to sleep right after my meal and wake up just a couple of hours before landing to have my breakfast (although it was around 6pm in Malaysia when we arrived).

When we finally landed in Malaysia, Tok Mama, Mak Lel and Pak Su were already outside waiting for us while Tok Abah waited in the car. They were delighted to see me finally running out of the Arrival hall, still clad in my pyjamas.
That night, we unloaded our suitcases and presented everybody with their souvenirs.

So, that was my first overseas trip. I hope I will never forget but if I do, I have these posts and pictures to remind me. I hope to see everyone I saw during my trip again, someday.
I really, really had fun on my trip.
Owh, and I also bought some shortcakes for my friends and teachers in school.

Thank you Dadda, for taking Mommy and I for an unforgettable trip far, far away from home...
We love you!

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