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Thursday, 5 March 2009

Mak Lel's Dinner Treat

On Wednesday, 25th of February, Mak Lel treated us to a dinner at Tony Roma's, Sunway Pyramid. The people who attended it were myself, Mommy, Dadda, Tok Abah, Tok Mama, PakSu, Aunty Huda, Ayah Ngah Acat and of course, Mak Lel.

Congrats Mak Lel on the BIG BONUS! :)

Mak Lel was the 1st to arrive followed by Tok Abah, Tok Mama and PakSu, and then us, followed by Ayah Ngah and finally, the latest as usual, Aunty Huda. We ordered starters, fried mushrooms and onion loaf. They were so huge that all of us thought we would be full by the time our main dish arrives.

Eagerly waiting for the food to arrive!

After waiting for a while, our main course arrived. Mine came first. Mommy had ordered fish and chips plus mashed potato for me. They all laughed seeing how huge the plate was! I mean, how was I to finish it? I'm a baby!

OMG, is this supposed to be my kiddies meal? Soo happy!

Anyway, after that, one by one, everyone's food came. Mommy, as always, as well as Aunty Huda had grilled lamb chops and Dadda had pasta. Ayah Ngah had burger (what?!) while Mak Lel and Tok Mama had steak ribs and salmon respectively. The most amazing ones were Tok Abah and PakSu who had combo steak each! It was amazing how they can eat that much! Mommy and Mak Lel also ordered Pina Colada apart from their lattes (talk about greedy!)

Mommy's meal.. (only half of it here...)

After that much food, there were still room for desert. We ordered something that had a big cookie at the bottom, topped with vanilla ice cream and caramel. At the end of the dinner we were all amazed at ourselves for being able to eat that much!

One for the album - a group photo of us @ Tony Romas

All the while through dinner we talked and laughed and had a great time! I can't wait to start talking and grow some teeth so I can join the fun of eating and talking.

Enjoy the album slideshow: (me too full & slept after dinner!)

Make sure you read this too!

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