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Friday 20 March 2020


Hi there,

  Uhuhuhuhu!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is probably my last day of school at Pirie Park and if you guys were wondering why I wrote 'probably', here is the story.

   So as all of you would have known, the Coronavirus is all over the world right now. So our school (and the rest of schools in the UK) is probably going to close till August which is the end of Primary 7!😢😭😰😥😣 We were so sad to leave each other especially me because I am going to go back to Malaysia at the end of P7 to take my UPSR examination. The others will go on to secondary school. I will miss them so much!

We had a crying fest at school just now. Hahaha!!! We will also be missing our prom, Idzhar will miss his science club, I will miss my art club and we will miss all the upcoming events. We were so mad at the Coronavirus. One of my friends was stuck in Spain last week but he is back now and he came to school today. Anyway, here are some photos of our last day in school today. I really hope school will not be closed till summer so we get to meet each other for a bit before we say our final farewell before the summer holidays.

Make sure you read this too!

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