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Monday 9 December 2019


Hi there.

So, like I said in the previous post, there are christmas decorations, markets and fairs everywhere right now and I already told you about the fair in Edinburgh in my last post.

Last Saturday,  the day before we went to Edinburgh, my family and I went to Intu Braehead to watch Frozen 2. I was so excited! The movie was awesome! After the movie, we went to Pizza Express for dinner. It was a  really nice family outing.

Kids' movie snack at Odeon. 

 Got our snacks and ready to go in.

Pizza Express dinner after movie. 

Ready to go home, sleep early to go to Edinburgh early next morning.

The day before that, we went to George Square at the city centre to go to the Christmas fair. It was so pretty with all the christmas lights, the rides and the decorations! Idzhar and I were so excited! We begged Mommy and Dadda to let us go on one of the rides. Hehe... They said that we could go on the merry-go round or the carousel because the queue for the ferris wheel was too long. Mommy took Aysha on the ride with us while Dadda stayed to take pictures and videos of us and looked after Aysha's stroller.

After the ride, we went to get S'mores! Before they made our S'mores, we got to toast our own marshmallows too. I chose a chocolate Oreo S'mores while Idzhar had the chocolate orange S'mores. Needless to say it was so yummy, even Dadda, Mommy and Aysha couldn't resist picking on our S'mores! At the fair, we bumped into a few of Dadda's friends. We talked and took pictures with them. Finally, we went to have dinner at Las Iguanas before heading home.

 The Ferris Wheel at the George Square Christmas Fair.

 One family photo for the album.

 Toasting our marshmallows.


Idzhar with his chocolate orange S'mores. 

My chocolate Oreo S'mores. 

 Some Malaysian friends in Glasgow.

 Aunty Natasha was also there. She is also one of Chevening Scholars in Glasgow, like Dadda.

 Dadda's classmate, uncle Enad Talal from Saudi with his wife were also there.

We missed the Govan Christmas fair a few days ago (because we were planning to go the day after but it turns out that the fair was only for a day) but Pirie Park Primary's Chrismas Fayre is coming soon! Will tell you all about that after the fair on Friday. 

Bye. ⛄

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