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Saturday 30 November 2019


Hi there!

On the 29th of October, my school, Pirie Park Primary, had a Halloween Disco Party. It was at night so we could dance in the dark. Hahaha...! We had a good time. We danced, jumped and we played musical chairs with everyone so it was fun! Mommy planned my costume as Catwoman. She bought a cat mask online, told me to wear a black top and my black tights with my black boots and also asked me to put on black socks on my hands to make them look like cat paws. Finally, she made a black tail with her black stockings. My brother, Idzhar went as Spiderman. He has a Spiderman onesie that he wears to sleep so he just put that on and headed to the dance. Hahaha!

I went as Catwoman.

With one of my schoolmates, Amy.

Idzhar with one of his classmates, Aiden.

The next day, everyone was talking about the dance night. It was kind of funny actually. And in the class, we did some halloween activities too.

Two days later, on the 31st, it was the actual Halloween day! Everyone wished 'Happy Halloween!' to each other. That night, some kids came to our house for trick or treating. We were surprised when the first kid came to our house. After a few trick or treats, our candies were almost finished! So, I had to run to a shop that was across the road from our house. But unfortunately, there was only one candy pack left. So when the last pack finished we felt guilty (Mommy actually bought a lot of candies for Halloween earlier on but we brought them bit by bit to school for ourselves so now we're feeling very guilty because we ignored Mommy's warning that this might happen. Hahaha!!!). We had to apologise to the kids who came after that and some happened to be my schoolmates!

Hope everyone else had a good holiday!

Bye :)

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