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Friday, 24 July 2020


Hi there.

Recently it was Mommy's and Dadda's anniversary so we went to Loch Lomond to celebrate. We packed our suitcase the night before and went straight to bed with all the excitement for the next day. We woke up early because we were going to the Marks & Spencer Factory Outlet first to buy some clothes and some snacks. After that, we went back to perform our Zuhur prayers and to pick up our suitcase and went straight to our first activity location, the strawberry farm for strawberry picking! We were so excited! We picked a lot of them. Mommy was so excited because she planned to make some strawberry jam. We also picked some raspberries but we didn't pick a lot.

 At the Marks & Spencer outlet.

 First, we get our own containers. 
There were 1kg containers and 4kg containers to choose from.

 Off we go to the Strawberries area!

 The farm is just next to the airport so we could see the planes parked, take off and land.

Exhausted after strawberry picking.😂

From the farm we went straight to our BnB at Loch Lomond. The BnB is called Whiteley's Cottages. It's situated in nearby Loch Lomond and the cottages were on a farm. There were horses there too! Our room was a cute and cosy studio, just nice for our little family. It had a room for Mommy, Dadda and Aysha but Idzhar and I slept on the sofa bed in the living room so we could watch TV till late, hehe... After freshening up, we decided to take a drive around Loch Lomond for sightseeing. We had a picnic at Loch Lomond shores and then played at a nearby play park called The Dinosaur's Den.

Whiteley's Cottages

Loch Lomond Shores

The view from the play park.

Before we went back to the cottage, Mommy wanted to buy some food for dinner so Dadda decided to drive to the nearest town to look for a grocery store. That drive took us to a Tesco in Helensburgh. The Tesco there was by the sea so before we went into Tesco, we took a walk at the pier to watch the sunset. The scenery was breathtaking!

Aysha was tired and asleep by the time we got back to the cottage.

The next day, after we checked out, we went to Ross Priory and Balloch Castle. We had another picnic at the castle area and then took a walk down to the loch and had a dip (well ok, only our legs) in the water. Then, we went to play at a play park in the castle area next to the loch before we drove back home. Here are some pictures to end the blog. Stay tuned for the next one! Bye😉

Took some photos in front of our cottage before we left.

At Ross Priory grounds

Ross Priory

Balloch Castle

Castle grounds

Walking to Loch Lomond

Loch Lomond

View of the loch from the castle.

Time to go home!

Wednesday, 1 July 2020


Tuesday, 16 June 2020

CovEid Mubarak!

Hi there.

In this post, I want to tell you about my Eid this year. So, as you all know, during the lockdown, we couldn't go out because of the virus so we celebrated Eid differently. I'm sure all of you did the same. Anyway, we were so excited the night before. That Friday, we did some spring cleaning to get ready for Eid on Sunday. We actually planned to do the spring cleaning on Thursday but a package from Malaysia did not arrived that day or the day before. Oh, you guys must be wondering why do we need to wait for that package. Well, it was because the package had our Raya groceries and decorations so we had to wait for the package to arrive first so that we can get ready. Anyway, that night we had everything ready. Just after Isya' prayers, we did a Zoom call with the KMG (Komuniti Malysia Glasgow) to perform our Takbir together. It was so fun. After that, we drifted off to bed so we can get up early for the first day of Raya!!!

Package arrived from Malaysia!

Hanging our fairy lights.

Helped Mommy prepare ingredients to make Rendang.

Made cornflakes cookies.

Mommy's Rendang.

Mommy also made Lemang using papercups and aluminium foil.

Idzhar helping Dadda with the Satay.

Ready for Takbir with the Glasgow Malay friends on Zoom.

Takbir with the Glasgow Malay Community

The next morning, after our Eid prayers, we had some breakfast before we took some pictures. Our theme colour for this year is black and grey. After we had taken pictures, we did a Zoom call with the #bibanicrew and also the FAFamily. Here are some pictures for day 1.

Our 1st Raya food spread!

Aysha showing off her baju raya.

Dadda leading our Eid prayers.

After prayers he started on the Satay straightaway.

Mommy's Lemang and Rendang, and she also baked chocolate cake!

Dadda's Satay.

Eid breakfast!

Zoom call with the #bibanicrew .

Raya family photo.

Family photo in our backyard.

Day 2.

For day 2, we had a picnic in our backyard since it was so sunny on the 2nd day of Eid. We also had more Satay! Even though we didn't get to go out for our Raya visits, it was still a fun experience. Here are some pictures to end the blog.

Dadda grilling more Satays.

We had more Raya food!

We also had time to fool around a bit.

That is all for now folks! Before I go, let me wish Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir dan Batin and Happy Eid Mubarak to all of my family, friends and loved ones! Hope you had a good one! Until then, stay tuned for more stories.🎉😉

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