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Tuesday, 7 October 2014

A Fun Adventure - Part I

So in April, my birthday month, we traveled to Tokyo, Japan for Uncle Keith's wedding. The whole BibAni clan went including Nenek Rose, Aunty Fira and Uncle Yan. Tok Abah encountered some problems at the airport when we took off so he had to take another flight the next day.

Just landed in Tokyo

Once we arrived, we left our bags at the hotel and went straight out for sightseeing. The weather was nice and cool. The first place we visited was the Sensoji Temple. It was the end of the Sakura season but we managed to catch some of it. Mommy and dadda bought some cool souvenirs from there. We also had help from 2 cool guides, Nakano-San and An-San.

Our first sightseeing place

Wefie! (If you see anyone using monopods in Japan, they must be Malaysians. Lol!)

An-San, my new friend in Tokyo :)

Photo session with the guides before they leave.

Uguisudani station, the nearest station from our hotel. You can see our hotel at the background, Candeo hotel.
Shopping in Ameyoko.

We walked for a bit more until it was time to check into the hotel. Then, we just rested for the rest of the day.

The next day, Tok Mama and Adida went out early in the morning to fetch Tok Abah from the airport. We also got ready early and met up with them at the station where we had breakfast and waited for everyone else to come. After brunch, we browsed at the Ueno station and walked across the road to Ameyoko while waiting for the Franklins to arrive. When everyone showed up, we went for a snack at the Ueno Park just a few minutes walk from the station.

Pak Su with lil' Aaron - Aaron's first trip overseas.

Tok Abah and Tok Mama with all 3 of their grandchildren in front of Hard Rock Cafe.

The boys

Picnic in the park with the Franklins.

After our outdoor activity at the park, the Franklins had to leave to meet up with the bride and her family. Us kids followed Tok Abah and Tok Mama back to the hotel to rest since Tok Abah practically disembarked from the plane straight to sightseeing with us. The rest of them went on to Akihabara for some shopping.

The 3rd day was THE day. We got up real early that morning and dressed up.

New Otani Hotel, where the wedding was held.

Uncle Keith married Rie in a beautiful ceremony in a fancy hotel in Tokyo. We had a whole table to ourselves and I experimented with Japanese food there. Surprisingly, they tasted great. I quite like it. Idzhar also made a new friend with Uncle Keith's nephew, Oscar (he calls him 'Ostar'). Everyone in our family wore our costumes from Pak Su's wedding except for me. I had on a new outfit.

Dadda bought Olaf at the Ueno station and since then Idzhar won't go anywhere without it.

The bride and groom :)

The flower girls and page boys - all Uncle Keith's nephews and nieces.

Uncle Keith wore the Kilt and Rie wore a nice white dress and changed into her traditional Kimono after lunch. A few others were also in Kilts and other traditional costumes. We all had our own place at the table and it was all named. Even Idzhar had his own place.

It was really thoughtful of them to prepare Halal food and non-alcoholic beverages for us .

Idzhar made a new best friend, Oscar

After lunch, everyone proceeded outside to the garden for some photo session. We took turns taking photos with the bride and groom and then went on to take our own photos. The hotel had a really nice garden and ponds with large Koi fish.

Photo session in the hotel garden.

Enjoying the beautiful view with sweet lil' Millie :)

Err... not sure what Pak Su was trying to do here...

... and here...

The wedding didn't end there though. After the photo session, we all changed into something more casual and walked to a cafe/bar for the after party. Tok Abah, Tok Mama, Idzhar and I took the taxi. At the party, we got to mingle, talk and take more photos with the bride and groom, the Franklins and other guests.

Changed into their party outfits.

Before we went back to the hotel, we took one photo with everyone and then proceeded to take the train back to the hotel. It was an exciting experience for all of us and we went home exhausted but happy and glad.

The 4th day was my favourite day and I consider it as my birthday present.

Want to know why? Stay tuned for my next update :)

Monday, 1 September 2014

Nek Wan - In Loving Memory

I know in my last post I promised to tell you about what happened during my birthday month but don't worry, that will come soon. This is about my great grandma, Nek Wan.

Nek Wan left us in March, just less than a month before my birthday. She was already suffering from Diabetes and her kidneys were deteriorating. She refused to go through dialysis as she felt that she was too old for it and didn't want to go through the pain and discomfort. At the end, her kidneys failed her.

I managed to spend some time with Nek Wan during her final days as she was staying at Tok Abah's house. She was happy, I think, as she got to spend time with Idzhar and I and Idzhar always made her smile. Idzhar misses her sometimes although he doesn't really understand why Nek Wan is no longer with us now. Sometimes I think he knows that she's not around anymore but is just in denial. That's because a couple of times when we went back to kampung in Rembau after Nek Wan left us, mommy overheard Idzhar talking to himself reassuring himself that Nek Wan is there or is sleeping (he said that when he saw her during the funeral too). 

I'm not sure how much Idzhar remembers her but I do remember her. Mommy has quite a few photos of Nek Wan too so I'll show them to Idzhar from time to time so he won't forget his Nek Wan. 

Anyway, with Nek Wan gone, there goes the last of my great grandparents. Going back to kampung was and never will be the same again after that.

Nek Wan, you'll be dearly missed by all of us. I love you, Nek Wan.


Sunday, 17 August 2014

It's Been A While...

Okay, okay... I know... it has been a while... In fact, this is my 1st post for this year! The fact is that my schedule is increasingly busy nowadays, I don't even have time to watch TV except in the mornings over breakfast! Anyway, let me just do a recap on what's been happening in my life in the past few months.

Well, firstly, the bibik we had for the past 2 years has finally gone back to her hometown in Indonesia. She came to help mommy and dadda take care of my brother, Idzhar and I 2 years ago and have been very helpful with the whole family. She wanted to extend her stay with us but her husband wanted her to go back and help their daughter at their food stall.

So since January, when she left us, Idzhar has been attending school with me at CIC. I have to tell you that he's adjusting pretty well with school life and I'm very proud of him. I'll be attending primary school next year and I hope that Idzhar will be fine being in school by himself without having me looking out for him like now.

Bibik and Idzhar during his 2nd birthday party in October 2013

Idzhar and I on the way to school

Another exciting news is Pak Su Ami and Aunty Kynaz had a baby boy so I now have a cousin brother. That means that I have another brother to take care of too. His name is Syed Aaron Suffyan and he is such a chubby baby boy! He was born on the 30th of December so he'll be turning 1 in a few months' time. 

Mommy with baby Aaron at the hospital when he was born

Baby Aaron with his kakak Nadyne

That's me teaching Aaron how to do a selfie :)

Anyway, just wait for my next post that's coming real soon... I'm gonna tell you what happened during my birthday month. Do you remember what month it is? 

Will be back soon! Promise.  

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