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Saturday, 1 October 2011

PJ's Annual Family Trip 2011

Yes, it was that time of the year again where we had our PJ Family trip... well, actually not really. This year we decided to move the trip earlier than usual. So instead of having it at the end of the year, we went in September, on Malaysia Day holiday because it was a long weekend.

Plus, we wanted to go to the East Coast this time so end of the year might not be a good idea because of the monsoon season. Apart from that, Mommy's due to give birth in October (anytime now...) and there's another good reason why having the trip earlier was a great idea. I will reveal the last reason at the end of this post.

So, we started quite early (although not as early as the others) on th 16th of September. As usual, it was quite a problem for Mommy and Dadda to wake me up early to have my shower. I mean, I've been waking up early every morning for school every weekday, why should I wake up early on weekends and holidays, right? Right??

Aaaanyway, we thought we were the last to leave home but it turned out that Ayah Ngah, Che Ah and Cu Na were even worse, hehehe... Anyhow, they managed to catch up with us since Dadda was driving slowly because he didn't want Mommy feeling uncomfortable during the long journey there.

We stopped by at a rest area to meet up with Ayah Ngah but they proceeded first to meet up with Papa and Mama at a waterfall area (Cemerong) on the way to have a short picnic. We however, didn't join them and after our meal, headed straight to Paka, Terengganu.

We arrived at the Rumbia Resort at around 3pm and rested while waiting for everyone to arrive. At around 5pm we had our tea and I met up with all my cousins at the cafe. We then walked over to the river nearby and went on a short cruise around the area and the sea. It was soooo cool and all of us had fun!

The next morning, I was also the last to wake up hence the last to have breakfast at the cafe. Everybody else were already getting ready to start the game. While the adults were taking part in the games, Mommy took me to the pool to swim.
This year, Mommy didn't take part in the games because she's pregnant so she spent most of her time with moi. Dadda had Che Ah as his partner this time.

After swimming, Mommy took me in for my shower and right after, we joined the rest of the family. I took part in the kids games.

After the morning game session Papa treated us to seafood lunch at a restaurant nearby. The food there was delicious.

Everyone went back and had a good rest after the big meal. At around 5pm, we headed to the beach. The adults continued with their game while the kids played with sand, including me! Yes, there was a time when I hated sand but learned to like it that day building sandcastles and all. I did take my time in the beginning, though.

That night we had a specially prepared dinner at the resort. Oh, I forgot to mention that the resort belongs to the company Ayah Ngah works in so he organised everything this time.

And then we had the prize giving ceremony...

The baby inside Mommy's tummy got a present too...

And the overall winner went to...

Ayah Ngah and Cu Na!

The next morning, only Dadda woke up to go and see the sunrise. He took some cool photos of it.
Cuna, Cek Ah & Ayah Ngah joined him later.

After breakfast we took some family photos before leaving back for home.

On the way back, we stopped at Kemaman, Terengganu to have a break.

I'm now looking forward to next year's trip because it'll be the FOUR of us next year, InsyaAllah! :)

p/s : Ayah Ngah made an announcement on the final night that he will be tying the knot to Aunty Intan really soon!
Unfortunately, Mommy might not be able to attend the engagement ceremony because it'll be held at the end of October, during her confinement period. Perhaps she'll be able to join the solemnisation ceremony in November. Let's keep our fingers crossed ;)

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

It's been quite sometime...

I know it's been quite a while since my last update so I'm gonna make this quick, simple and non-draggy.

So, a lot of things have happened in the month of August and September, and I mean a lot!

First thing's first... the August birthdays...

There were Paksu's on the 10th, Tok Abah's on the 15th, Mommy's on the 17th and Kak Nadhrah's on the 21st. Mommy's birthday fell on Nuzul Quran day so she, Dadda, Pak Su and Adida were on leave but not Tok Mama. Tok Mama eventually decided to apply for leave too since everyone was not working on that day, hehe... The night before, at the stroke of midnight, Dadda and I wished Mommy a Happy Birthday and we wrote it on my board. Oh, and I did a card specially for Mommy too!

Dadda tried to have a surprise birthday and baby shower party for Mommy but it didn't really happen because firstly, it was during fasting month so we were more concentrating on fasting, breaking fast and the Terawikh prayers at night, second, only Selangor had the day off and most of Mommy's friends are working in KL, third, it was raining so heavily that day that everyone was stuck in a bad traffic jam. Nevertheless, some did turn up. Aunty Uma, Uncle Gerard and Jadrien came. She made a huge cake for Mommy and brought some cookies and food.

Uncle Nuar and Wan Ki came too. In the end, we had a simple and cosy gathering amongst close friends and family and it turned out really nice and sweet. Mommy was happy for everything except for the fact that I had a fever at the end of that day and it lasted for days!

When we went to Papa and Mama's house in PJ that weekend, we had a small birthday celebration for Kak Nadhrah.

Anyway, since all their birthdays were in August and it was the Ramadhan, Tok Abah had said earlier that the August birthday dinner treat will be after Eid in September. And so...

The Eid arrived...

We spent Raya eve and the first day in PJ this year. We also visited Tok Nong's house on the first day evening and drove back to Rembau straight from there. The next day, we went to Adida's house in Muar.

Just recently, we finally had the postponed and long-awaited August birthday dinner promised by Tok Abah at Le Meridien.

It was such a wonderful treat! The food was really yummy and we had fun!
Thank you Tok Abah :)

Coming real soon...

The Annual PJ Family Trip...


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