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Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Passport to Happiness & My First Contest!

Hi everyone, just a quick one. I promised in my last entry that I'd upload my passport photo soon.
So, here it is:

Unfortunately, it doesn't show my happiness and excitement in having my own passport, hehehe...

Also, since I'll be away, I want to launch a simple contest here, for you to win cool prizes & souvenirs from the UK!!
All you have to do is these;

1. Be my follower on the Google Friend Connect Follow Tab at the side of this blog.

2. Vote for me here:
Vote For Us @ TopBaby Blogs! The Best Baby Blog Directory

3. Post your comments here (with link to email/blog) on why you deserve prizes from the UK.

That's it. The most creative one will win! :)

Anyway, we'll be away for about 10 days trip to the UK.
I'll tell you about that when I get back!

Pray for our safe being and Cheerios!


D said...

Oh dear, why so chembeng? Never mind, still cute!

Can I enter the contest but win a pressie from Malaysia? :)

..Nia.. said...

hehe... caaannn... what do you want? Milo's on the way...

cre8tone said...

Good luck for the contest!

Make sure you read this too!

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